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Set in the Wild Wild West, the game pits two players in a “Matrix”-style bullet dodging duel where they take turns shooting and dodging in slow-motion.

How to Play

Dead Drop Desperado


You play as an English nobleman in charge of a bovine catapult unit. Your assignment? Demolish your opponent’s castle by launching livestock at it.

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A musical choose-your-own-adventure of layered songs, set in a world where flowers produce music. 

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Bumblebee Jam


A relaxing experience where the player guides a freshly fallen seed astride the wind to its new home on a distant island.

Whisper of the Wind

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 A mystery AR game where you play as a detective investigating the murder of Lord Reginald Skipwith with the assistance of butler Bosely. 

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Death Within Earshot

One of a kind audio adventure experience. Play as an adventurer along with a sassy talking rock companion as you try to make it through a deadly underground maze.


A co-op mobile game where two players must guide a ship on an expedition through a strange soundscape while discovering friendly animals and avoiding deadly predators along the way.

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The Life Acoustic

An endless runner where you play as a hungry bullfrog tasked with eating bees. As the game progresses, the bees get faster and you will have to keep pace before the bees get close enough to sting you! 

Bees AR

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A music game where you help Sebastian, a Grim Reaper and aspiring songwriter, write the lyrics and musical accompaniment that responds to your actions.

The Worst Grim Reaper

How to Play

Quick, partner! Hop on the back of your stallion and gallop your way to freedom! Catch the train in time and escape the sheriff.

Hold Your Horses

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A cooperative game where two players work together to defeat supernatural terrors through the power of AR technology.

Ghast Blasters

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The year is 2156 and only a few have survived the Rail-pocalypse. You play as an adventurer trapped in the Train-scape and surrounded by feral demon trains. Armed with the LAZ-AR survive as long as possible in this wild world!


An action-adventure game featuring a hip podcast, ASMR, a snooty digital assistant, classic memes and Shia LaBeouf. Your mission is to free the human prisoners held captive by the Martian Tripod Forces.

War of the Worlds

How to Play

Explore an interactive, non-linear, soundscape with Ris, an orphaned neuroscientist struggling with insomnia and her perception of reality. 

Surfing on Entropy

How to Play

You may not be able to see dead people, but you can definitely hear them. Become a medium and tune into the auditory spirit plane full of ghostly pleas to finally cross over. 

The Clairvoyant

How to Play

Use interactive spatial audio, to pin-point and identify what sounds are flying past you. Communicate with your teammate figure out what's in each box!

Audio Mouse

How to Play

You’re being hunted in a city where mobs work together to round you up. Your only hope for escape is a stranger who claims they can give you a safe passage.

The Other

How to Play

A classic escape-the-room style game with an auditory twist. Your goal is to search for various objects in the room to find the exit keys without attracting a lurking monster. 

Haunt AR

How to Play

Play as Yorch, the curious zombie who got his head stuck in a mysterious box that turned out to be a maze! Help him recover his eye from the cheeky monkey who stole it from him and hid it somewhere.

Eye Hear the Maze

How to Play

In this crazy carnival, you’re required to walk across a tightrope at the behest of a malevolent Madam. Dodging her cascades of cannons, see how long you can last in this sinister sideshow. 

Tightrope AR

How to Play

Use your Bose Frames and spatialized audio to guide a kitten around a living room, destroying things.

Quantum Kitten

Bose and Playcrafting have teamed up to celebrate and empower game developers across the United States by pairing them with cutting edge Bose AR technology.

Through this collaboration, we have hosted game jams in Boston, New York City, Seattle, San Francisco, and San Diego; gathering 211 developers to create 32 AR games using an audio-first approach.

These games have been featured at the traveling Bose ARcade and presented at some of the biggest annual industry events including PAX East, Play NYC, and PAX West. Join us as we shape the landscape of games & AR in America with Bose AR platform.

San Francisco 

San Diego

New York City



A rhythm game, similar in spirit to Guitar Hero, where you score points by moving your head to the beat of a song.

Headbop Hero

How to Play

An interactive adventure where you meet Fairy Chicken Godmother and enter the enchanted forest to help find her lost husband and chicks. 

Unscramble the Oracle

A rhythm game where you hear a series of beats in different locations. And you have to repeat those beats with head movements in sequence.


A timed audio attack game for the Bose AR Frames in which the player must slay as many adversaries as possible before time runs out. 

Sonic Samurai

How to Play

DJ OtterTune invites you to the Sound Stream! This music-loving Otter moves his head with yours as you jam to the beat.


How to Play

 A multiplayer geospatial game of hide and go seek using Bose AR hardware.

Hide N’ Sound Seek

How To Play

Dive deep as a Scoobal Maps submariner and chart the sea’s weirdest and wildest locations. Explore shipwrecks, snap pics of mermaid's joints, and outsmart briny beasts - an ocean of fun awaits you in Scoobal Maps.

Scoobal Maps

Coming Soon

A wacky food-fighting game where two players launch meatballs at each other and attempt to catch them with their mouths by using only the sound of the incoming projectile to guide them.

Horrible D’Oeuvres

Coming Soon

Asteroid Omega

Coming Soon

An immersive audio AR experience that blurs the edges between a cinematic space-horror flick and a coop puzzle-solving game.

Pitchwave AR

Coming Soon

An interactive audio experience, which puts players in the center of action. They are strapped to a chair, gagged, and blindfolded. They engage with the story by making important decisions using both head movement and gaze.

BOSE City Block ‘Audio-ARventure

An exclusive collaboration with iNK STORIES for Play NYC 2019. Attendees put on Bose’s AR Frames for an escorted audio tour of New York on 23rd street & 7th avenue. It's a step back in time for a glimpse at New York in the 50s and find themselves immersed in an original audio-ARventure. 

Bose AR Beta

This icon symbolizes Bose AR-enhanced experiences that are in the Beta phase of development. Play, have fun, and provide feedback HERE to help make these experiences better.

Bose AR Certifed

This icon symbolizes fully enhanced Bose AR experiences that have been certified by Bose. These experiences exemplify the quality standard Bose strives for such as quality sound, immersive content, easy on-boarding, compatibility with all our wearables and good usage of Bose AR features and libraries.